A health and safety audit is a systematic evaluation of a companies health and safety system and performance against a defined standard (eg legislation, sector specific standards, internal company policies and procedures) carried out by an independent competent auditor.

Auditing is a fundamental part of management system models, demonstrates compliance and helps drive continuous improvement.

Our consultants are highly skilled and competent auditors, typically having in excess of 20 years experience of auditing companies of various sectors and sizes. With this experience comes the ability to put people at ease, obtain detailed objective evidence and provide you with an accurate report highlighting strengths and areas where improvement is required.

Do you need help with health and safety audits?


We can assist you in a number of ways:

Desk-Top Review

Carrying out a remote review of your documented key health and safety policies and procedures. This review can compare your documents against UK legislation, national and international standards or corporate standards as specified by you. You will send us the various documents and our consultants will carry out the review.

Site Inspections

For smaller organisations, a simple inspection of the premises, reviewing current health and safety documentation.

Health and Safety Management System Audit

Comparing your actual health and safety management systems with legal standards and best practice, identifying your strengths and improvements required.

OHSAS 18001 audits/Client or Customer Audits

Suitable for organisations working towards OHSAS 18001 accreditation or those wanting to close any gaps before an official certification body or customer audit takes place.

Health & Safety Topic Specific Audits

These are used to evaluate how well a particular element of health and safety is managed e.g. Display Screen Equipment, Fire Safety, Permits to Work, Contractor Management etc

We can also work with you to help develop action plans for implementing the required improvements and can track the progress to ensure they are closed off effectively.

Do you need to train your staff in Health & Safety Auditing?

We can also train your staff to carry out internal health and safety audits. See our course outline here for more details

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