The ability to trace your raw materials, primary packaging, semi-finished products and finished products is a requirement of both UK and European legislation.

Traceability is also a key element of the recognised food industry standards e.g. BRC Global Standard for Food, EFSIS – European Food Safety Inspection Service, IFS Food, SALSA -Safe and Local Supplier Approval, STS – Public Sector Code of Practice etc.

The requirements broadly cover:

  • The identification of materials to assist with traceability
  • The ability to trace forwards from your raw materials and primary packaging to finished product/customer and backwards from customer/product to supplier
  • The ability to test and challenge the traceability system and gather the information in a timely manner.

Are you confident that your traceability system complies with both legal and applicable food industry standards?

Will your traceability system minimise the amount of product and hence loss to your business in the event of a product withdrawal or product recall?

Do you test your traceability system regularly and action non – conformities?

If you have any concerns with the above questions contact us to help you.

We can provide you with as much or as little support as you require. Typical traceability services include:

  • Auditing your traceability system to identify any areas of non compliance to legislation and to any applicable food industry standards eg BRC etc
  • Developing an action plan for you to achieve compliance to legislation and to any applicable food industry standards.
  • Work closely with you to develop a traceability system that is effective and practical for your business operation
  • Assist you to carry out traceability tests, advising on the evidence and records that should be compiled and the preparation of a report with any recommendations for improvement.

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