Display Screen Risk Assessment Course


  • Display screen equipment (DSE) is found in almost every business in the UK. This course covers the requirements for carrying out a DSE risk assessment in line with legislation and guidance.

Who needs this qualification?

  • Supervisors/managers of staff that use display screen equipment
  • Safety representatives, occupational health staff that carry out display screen assessment or who evaluate DSE risk assessments.

Prior Learning Requirements

  • There are no specific prior learning requirements for this course

Why is this training important?

  • Assists employers to train staff to carry out DSE risk assessments, helping them to meet their legal obligations
  • Can reduce the risk of health problems caused by poorly designed work-stations and practices.


o   Foundations of health and safety

o   The legislation and guidance relating to DSE risk assessment

o   Principles and benefits of good ergonomic design

  • Guidance and best practice for workstations
  • Practical assessment

Awarding Body:

  • This course is not accredited and can be tailored to suit your organisation.
  • Successful candidates will be issued with a certificate for their files

Course Duration

  • A one day training programme


  • Multiple choice test

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